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Western Cape, a Hunter's paradise

Trophy Hunting in the Karoo, Western Cape

We specialise in tailor-made packages to suit your personal needs. Contact us for our "Bonanza Hunts" and you will be surprised at how affordable a African hunt can be.

The Karoo is our main hunting area because of the abundance of plains game. The variation in topography and vegetation will test your hunting skills to the fullest. Our concessions contains fynbos on the coastal belt and moves inland to the ragged mountains of the Karoo to semi-dessert structures combined with savannahs and plateaus.

We also have sporting / management hunts which the aim is to hunt for below trophy size, female and or broken horn animals. 10 species are available and can be walk & stalk hunted or drive / beat hunts for a large group of hunters that prefer to hunt together.

Sporting animals are subject to availability.

Hunting Enquires

Western Cape Wing Shooting

Different opportunities are on offer for the serious wing shooter and vary from geese / duck over decoys to the Greywing Francolin over dogs high up in the mountains.

All wingshootings offered by Hattingh Safaris is conducted on natural breeding birds from which only a sustainable number is taken.

The less-serious shooter is more than welcome, particularly for a relaxing hunt after a few days of hunting plains game.

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